108 is considered to be a sacred number. the study of sacred numbers can show us the divine order of the universe. 

1 represent one thing, god or higher truth 

0 represent nothing, emptiness or completeness in spiritual practice

8 represent everything, infinity or eternity. 

108 is the representation of the ultimate reality of the universe, simultaneously - one, emptiness and infinite.

it may be impossible to explain this number’s significance in a scientific way. 

the ancient mystics would say that the number 108 is in sync with the rhythms of time and space. 

by using 108 repetitions of a mantra we are saluting the order of the universe and aligning our intentions with the divine will. 

the 108 beads of the rosary, map the steps between the body and the inner sun. 

the devotee, while saying beads, is making a symbolic journey from the physical body to the heavens. 

said another way, we are harmonizing our personal vibrations with the natural vibration of creation. 

therefore, the number 108 is taken to represent the ‘distance’ from the body to the god within.

the diameter of the sun = 108 times the diameter of the earth, the distance between earth and sun = 108 times sun-diameter,

the distance between earth and moon = 108 times moon-diameter. 

it is said that there are a total of 108 main energy lines that radiate from the heart chakra. 

such phenomena have given rise to many examples of ritual significance,

the number 108 become the representation of the wholeness of existence


if the universe is a machine, it is one, where the components are all connected together, it is a holistic machine.